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Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit

December 18, 2013

What have we been up to this week? Attending the Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit! We were introduced to ideas about what a lender looks for in a young fisherman shopping for their first boat or permit, how to manage a successful fishing business, rules of marketing one's own catch, understanding Alaska seafood marketing, Alaska fisheries management and processes of the Board of Fisheries. We recommend any and every young fisherman to attend the summit next year. As the next generation of fishermen, it becomes crucial that we get involved. Cheers to growth, getting informed, and good folks, Claire & Emma young-fishermen1 young-fishermen2 young-fishermen3 young-fishermen4 young-fishermen5 young-fishermen6 young-fishermen7 young-fishermen8 young-fishermen9

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