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We love Trade: Maersk + Salmon Sisters

June 24, 2017

Last summer, we had the opportunity to host a film crew from Maersk, a Danish shipping company that plays a major role in Alaska's seafood industry, during our fishing season. Maersk shipping containers are stacked high in every coastal community, awaiting frozen seafood brought to port by our fishing fleets that will be shipped to consumers worldwide. This project made us think about how Maersk leads the way in "doing more with less," seeking out innovative and commercially viable ways to reduce their environmental impacts – be it CO2 and other air emissions, ballast water, or the materials they use to build their vessels. With the launch of their 60% CO2 reduction target in 2014, they are accelerating their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint whilst growing their business. Maersk included Salmon Sisters, and other entrepreneurs worldwide, from Ghana to Cuba to Scotland, to represent their diverse community. We had such a blast having the Ursus film crew who came and stayed on the boat with us in Prince William Sound while we were fishing, and love the story the represent with their video. This project made us think about what it means to share the fish we catch and our designs with the world. Our passion is providing people with healthy sustainable wild seafood, and honoring our relationship with the ocean by creating good sand garments that speak to the wildness in all of us. We especially love the song which was written for this video, called "Sisters" written by Malcolm Green and sung by Bryde. 

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