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May 23, 2018 1 Comment

This spring we were proud to share our Salmon Streams collection, a full line of apparel and home goods that celebrates the wild places our beloved fish live. As commercial fishermen, most of our experiences with salmon occur on the ocean. Yet, in Alaska, salmon are everywhere. Born in mountain streams, they begin their life in fresh water, spend their young adult life in the ocean, and then return to the rivers to spawn and create new salmon life. Their habitat reaches deep and wide, through forests and meadows. 

We wanted the Salmon Streams Collection to include a hat that was both fun and functional for fishing and that celebrates all salmon habitat, both fresh and salty. The Wild Alaska Cap was born out of a partnership with our friends at Rep Your Water, a company committed to habitat conservation. They make top tier fishing gear and inspire people to explore wild places. With our salmon design swimming across the cap, a little rope accent, and brilliant ocean blue color, The Wild Alaska Cap is the one we hope you grab for good luck each time you hit the water.

When you wear this hat, you are joining a community that relies on, respects, and reps healthy salmon habitat. For each hat purchased, Salmon Sisters will contribute proceeds to our local Trout Unlimited Alaska Chapter, an organization working tirelessly to keep Alaska's wild salmon habitat thriving in the Susitna River, the Tongass National Forest, and Bristol Bay.

Currently, they're seeking additional support for their efforts in the Bristol Bay watershed. We encourage our community of salmon stewards to stay informed and speak up to ensure Bristol Bay remains wild and productive. If you would like to learn more about how you can join Trout Unlimited's team in their efforts to protect Bristol Bay's wild salmon, please like their Facebook page and take this action.

If you take photos with your Wild Alaska Cap on the water this summer, be sure to tag @aksalmonsisters on Instagram and include #salmonstreams!



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Denise Jantz
Denise Jantz

October 07, 2018

Kachemak Heritage Land Trust was honored to host this field trip in collaboration with Kachemak Bay Research Reserve! The field trip is part of our Fish Need Land Too initiative. If you’re interested in joining us on a future salmon focused boots-on-the-ground experience, please email denise@kachemaklandtrust.org

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