Alaska Young Fishermen's Almanac

    • The Alaska Young Fishermen's Almanac is the first book project of the Alaska Young Fishermen's Network with support from the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and the Alaska Humanities Forum. The almanac features art, stories, advice and more from young fishermen across Alaska. Salmon Sisters is excited to offer this first, beautiful edition to our fishing community! The Almanac is a first-of-its-kind cultural touchstone that communicates and celebrates our unique, shared and cherished fishing ways of life. The Almanac project captures the ingenuity, persistence, humor and passion of the next generation of community and fishing leaders in Alaska and conveys the importance of community-based fishing livelihoods.

        • By buying an Almanac you are supporting the development of educated and engaged young fishermen and helping them to take on leadership roles within their communities and fisheries.
        • The Almanac will also be available for purchase at the Salmon Sister's flagship store in Homer during summer months and in select bookstores and coffee shops in other Alaska coastal communities. Please visit for a complete list of businesses carrying the Almanac. Proceeds support publication of future volumes of the Almanac.
        • Join us: If you are a young fisherman or mentor and would like to get involved in Young Fishermen's Network activities, events and projects please visit or contact Network Coordinator, Noah Sunflower at or 907.602.9712.
        • Read more about the Alaska Young Fishermen's Almanac on our blog.
    • For every sale we make, Salmon Sisters donates a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Alaska Food Bank.


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