Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon Box

    • Enjoy this box filled with 6 individually sealed, portion-sized pouches of smoked sockeye salmon! The salmon inside is a wild superfood, harvested from Alaska’s icy waters. By eating this fish, you're not only supporting Alaska's hardworking fishing families and sustainably managed fisheries, but your own strong, vibrant body. Wild Alaska salmon eat a natural diet and swim freely in pristine waters, which gives them their incomparably delicious flavor. Sockeye salmon is known for its brilliant red color, robust taste, and tender texture. Lightly smoked and seasoned, this salmon is then vacuum-sealed and gently cooked in its own oils. This process preserves the fish naturally without the need for artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Add these rich smoked salmon flakes to any dish or eat straight out of the pouch for a nutritious, protein-rich meal that is low in saturated fats and high in heart-healthy Omega 3-fatty acids. Wild Alaska salmon will help you live and love longer!

        • Smoked Sockeye (Red) Salmon
        • Total 6 pouches included in each box
        • Each pouch includes 4 OZ flaked, smoked salmon
        • Ready to eat
        • 7g protein/serving
        • Shelf stable. Unopened pouches requires no refrigeration. Once opened, keep packs refrigerated and eat within 3 days. 
        • Ingredients: salmon, salt, sugar, natural wood smoke
        • Mix with cream cheese and spread on a bagel
        • Flake over your favorite greens or grains
        • Add to soup or chowder 
    • For every sale we make, Salmon Sisters donates a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Alaska Food Bank.

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