Harvest Longsleeve Tee

  • The autumn harvest is one of our favorite times of year in Alaska. Fingers are stained from berry picking and freezers are packed full with the sea's bounty. Wild plants are foraged and edible flowers are picked. Gardens are harvested, preserved in the pantry, and shared around the dinner table. It's hard not to feel rich in the season's bounty and overwhelmed with gratitude for a community to share it with. This super-soft, breathable women's longleeve tee celebrates these good things.

    • Scoop neckline
    • 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
    • Vintage Jersey
    • Soft curve hem with tonal stitching
    • Feminine & flattering 
  • For every sale we make, Salmon Sisters donates a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Alaska Food Bank.

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