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Alaska Salmon Leather Card Wallet

Salmon Sisters

We've created something we are truly proud of. In collaboration with Alaskan leather artist Mary Hayden and the innovative Tidal Vision, producer of 100% sustainable wild Alaska salmon leather, we've made a minimalist wallet sourced from and made in Alaska. Swap your bulky wallet for this subtle statement piece, a card holder that will stand the test of time and become more beautiful as it ages. Subtly branded with the Salmon Sisters logo and constructed with pieces of ocean green and natural brown salmon leather, scales and all, this tiny treasure is a show-stopper. 

Our wallets are cut by hand one at a time, hand-stitched, and the edges hand-burnished by leather artist Mary Hayden. She constructs them from 3-4 oz vegetable tanned leather from Wickett & Craig Tannery in Pennsylvania, one of the few authentic American tanneries left today. This leather is sturdy while stretching to accommodate the wallet's contents, and darkens with use and age to a lovely patina. The wallets are hand-sewn using waxed linen thread in a two needle saddlestitch. This kind of stitch is stronger than that sewn by a machine. Once assembled, the wallet is treated with a beeswax-based leather conditioner. The wallet's interior is also leather construction.  

Once purchased, you can treat your wallet with any kind of leather conditioner to keep it moisturized and supple. Keep in mind that since each wallet is hand sewn, dyed and made with natural ingredients, they are all a little bit different and have a character of their own. 

Mary Hayden, our talented wallet maker, moved to Homer, Alaska from Georgia six years ago. She started working with leather after her son Wyatt was born a year ago. Making something tangible and learning something new from each project she took on was a welcomed reassurance during the strange time of new motherhood. Contact Mary with questions or inquiries about her work:

Tidal Vision, the supplier of our sustainable wild Alaska salmon leather is an innovative company working to upcycle fishery biproducts and encourage sustainable fishing. Our salmon skins are sourced from Alaska, home of the world's most sustainable fisheries, and treated to withstand time and ware. Learn more about Tidal Vision .

Limited Edition - product dimensions 4 1/2" x 2 3/4"

For every sale we make, Salmon Sisters donates a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Alaska Food Bank.

Pictured: Mary Hayden at work | photo by Scott Dickerson 



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