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Wildfish Cannery: Smoked Coho Salmon

Salmon Sisters

Try this delicious Wildfish Cannery Smoked Coho Salmon! Ingredients: sea, smoke, and steam. The bounty of Alaska, infused with craft traditions, and sealed in a can. 

Wildfish Cannery has been in operation on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast, Alaska since 1987. They work with local fishermen to preserve their best catch at its peak, and the salmon in each of their cans traces back directly to a member of their community. 

First, they carve their salmon into thick pieces and gently smoke them with natural alder wood to preserve the firm texture and rich wild salmon flavor. Next, they hand-pack the salmon into the cans, ensuring the taste of quality cuts from head to tail before cooking the fish to perfect doneness.

This year's coho in the Stikine River run were some the largest and fattiest Wildfish had ever seen. All of this year's stock was harvested by Ralph Mackie on his Gillnetter, Julie Marie.

Net Wt. 6 OZ

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