We thought up some ideas on the back deck of the Lucky Dove this summer. We thought, 'Let's start a business', like every Alaskan has. We remembered when we were kids - helping our mom roll salmon in ink, and printing them, scales and fins and eyeballs and all, onto t-shirts for fishermen friends stopping by our homestead, Stonewall Place. We both studied for a semester in Italy last year. Teal learned how to screen print in Florence, and her first print was a Rockfish - the kind we pull up while long lining for halibut. She printed a dozen onto t-shirts, and brought them home as Christmas presents. Soon her rowing team at Williams was wearing Rockfish shirts as if they were part of the team uniform. People started asking for more, and Teal could think of little she loved more than making art about her home, for people who were excited about it. Claire jumped in with a business plan, and we started what we now know as Salmon Sisters.

During the summer on the boat, our dad sits in his captain's chair and makes lists of new shirt ideas for us. We get excited about some of them, some we choose to ignore. We are excited though, that we can tailor our art to fishermen and women, ocean-lovers, and people following in a long-lasting nautical tradition. We are excited that this company has the potential to become a vehicle for greater issues, most importantly the future of sustainable fisheries and coastal communities. Most importantly, a general appreciation for the ocean and all that it gives to us. We are pleased to present a new online presence for Salmon Sisters. We hope our website becomes a place where our followers can shop, enjoy some of Teal's original art, read about what we're up to on this blog, and get in touch with us. We hope it can be a platform where people give us their input, send us photos in their Salmon Sisters gear, and share their fishing stories with us. Here's to a new adventure!

Apparel and design made by two young fisherwomen of the Bering Sea, hoping to share their love for Alaska and the ocean with all the people of the world. All designs are original and made with special thanks to the species that we have used for inspiration.
We hope our fellow fish-lovers enjoy.
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  • Fantastic idea for a business I wish you young ladies much success in any and all your endeavors

    Bill slade on

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