Our Story

The Company

Salmon Sisters celebrates coastal heritage, wild places, ocean stewardship, and Alaska seafood through quality products and design. Salmon Sisters gives a portion of proceeds to the Food Bank of Alaska, in the form of wild fish to fill plates and nourish our community.

The Crew

Salmon Sisters is run by co-founders, fishermen, and sisters Emma and Claire, with support from their amazing all-women team. Emma and Claire grew up on a homestead in Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands. Their family makes their livelihood harvesting wild seafood from Alaska’s pristine and bountiful waters. Since they were young, Emma and Claire have worked on commercial fishing boats and continue to fish each summer while running Salmon Sisters from land and sea. 

Emma and Claire fish in the Aleutian Islands, Copper River Delta, Prince William Sound – along with their families in a wild and seasonal life.



Our Values

  • Food Security in Alaska – We give fish to the Food Bank of Alaska to support healthy communities connected to traditional and local wild food.
  • Healthy Habitat – We partner with organizations working to protect marine ecosystems and the people who depend upon them in Alaska. 
  • Sustainable Commercial Fisheries – We promote Alaska’s responsibly-managed fisheries, fishermen as stewards of their marine ecosystem, and Alaska seafood as a renewable resource for future generations. 
  • Coastal Culture – We tell stories of Alaskans’ connection to the ocean and all consumers of salmon. 
  • Wild Places – We encourage connection to the natural world through work and play. 
  • Quality products and design  We offer original designs and functional products that are sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured for life on and by the ocean.