Salmon Sisters Wild Fish

Salmon Sisters is proud to be your source for wild Alaska seafood. Our fish is always wild, delicious, traceable and a certified sustainable protein to nourish you and your family. All seafood harvested in the United States is managed under a system of enforced, environmentally responsible practices and Alaska is the only state with sustainable fishing written into the state constitution. When you eat wild Alaska seafood you are choosing the most environmentally efficient source of protein on the planet and supporting small American family fishing businesses. 

Our frozen boxes of fish are delivered to your door from our family and fleet. We are proud to offer you a connection to your fishermen and to Alaska's wilderness where your salmon is harvested. Cooking with our smoked fish, tinned fish, spices, and other provisions are easy and tasty ways to enjoy Alaska's wild bounty. 

Sustainably Sourced

Our salmon is harvested in Alaska’s natural waters, where management is anchored in strict conservation practices to ensure that the ocean ecosystem continues to thrive and delicious Alaska seafood will be enjoyed for generations to come. Alaska has over one million square miles of rich fishing waters – and every mile is a precious resource. Sustainability is written into our State Constitution, and every day fishermen, scientists, conservationists as well as state, federal and international organizations work together to responsibly manage our fisheries and care for our waters. The secret to Alaska’s success lies in responsible fisheries management and sustainable fishing practices that take care not to harm the fish, other marine plants and animals, nor the environment. Alaska’s fisheries meet the criteria of the United Nations of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, the most comprehensive and respected fisheries management guidelines in the world, as well as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Fisheries Management (RFM) Certifications.

Small Scale Harvest

The seafood industry is Alaska’s largest private sector employer. Many fishing operations are family-owned, so choosing wild Alaska seafood means you are supporting American small business, Alaskan families and resilient coastal communities. Our salmon is harvested by independent fishing families in Southeast and Western Alaska, and our Pacific halibut and cod are harvested in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea.

Shipped to Your Door

Have our frozen fish boxes delivered right to your door. Each box is perfectly portioned for your needs and packed in eco-friendly, recyclable materials with dry ice and shipped by air freight to your doorstep. Our team works with you to schedule a delivery and to ensure that your fish arrives safely, still frozen and ready to enjoy. Stock your freezer with wild fish and have delicious meals that are simple to prepare and share this season.

Due to the warmer weather, we will not be shipping frozen Wild Fish Boxes to the following states this summer: AZ, TX, FL, HI, AK. Please email our team if you would like to be added to our fall waitlist.

Traceable and Transparent

We believe that responsible food systems are built on the principles of accountability and transparency. At Salmon Sisters, we are committed to educating our consumers about the story of their fish, from boat to plate. All wild Alaska seafood is traceable by law, which keeps fishermen and processors accountable for the high quality of their catch. We are proud to be your source for fish caught by Alaska's hardworking fishermen from one of the wildest places on Earth.

Superfood from the Sea

As fishermen, we’re lucky to have grown up eating healthy and delicious wild salmon straight from Alaska’s ocean. The goodness of wild salmon is something we believe in completely – eating it makes us feel healthy, happy and strong, which is something we want to share with as many people as possible. It is pure wild magic. 

This high-quality protein is a superfood in many ways. Eating wild Alaska salmon promotes a healthy heart, strong bones and a powerful brain. Naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), which are essential for our bodies to promote heart health, suppress inflammatory responses, improve blood flow, maintain healthy vision and participate in brain function. Wild salmon is also naturally high in many essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, A, D and B-12. 

Powerful Brain

Vitamin B-12 and high-quality protein protect brain cells and improves cognition and memory.

Healthy Heart

Omega-3s reduce the chance of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

Strong Bones

Vitamin E, Omega-3s and Vitamin B-12 keep your bones strong by absorbing key nutrients to maintain bone density.

Strong Immune System

Vitamin E helps to fight infection and strengthen the immune system.

Beautiful Skin

Nutrients like Vitamin B-12, omega-3s and Vitamin A improve skin’s elasticity, smoothness and can help with dryness.

Good Gut

Omega-3’s reduce the effect of chronic digestive disorders.

Active Bodies

High quality protein and omega-3’s support athletic performance and recovery.

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Our Fishing Family

Like many Alaskan fishermen, our family works together on and off the water. It takes all of our boots on deck to juggle the moving parts of a successful fishing operation. Our parents moved to Alaska in the 80's and started their lives as fishermen in the Aleutian Islands. We grew up setnetting and gillneting for salmon and longlining for halibut with our parents. In high school, we became full time crew and have since built a life on the water.

Our family’s fleet has grown as our partners have joined us at sea. We tender, seine and gillnet for salmon, longline for halibut and pot fish for cod and sablefish with our family’s boats in the Western Alaska, Copper River, Prince William Sound and Bristol Bay. We are thankful for the way our work has allowed us to live a meaningful life connected to the earth and the ocean.

Unbelievably Great

"We recently received our highly anticipated first salmon shipment from the Salmon Sisters and we were not disappointed. It is without a doubt the best salmon we have tasted. Deep red color and no is delightful. We just used olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice for seasoning. So good, we had a salmon dinner party with several friends. All agreed it was fantastic.." - Paul D

Best Dinner Ever

"Received my box of beautiful deep red salmon last week. It came perfectly packed. Vacuum sealed and frozen. Tonight I made the most delicious seared salmon in lemon cream dill sauce. There are many more wonderful dinner ahead of us. I highly recommend ordering this." - Denise K.


"Doctor ordered a diet change. So I knew farm raised was not the answer and Atlantic Salmon in the stores did not appeal to me. So after hearing about the Salmon Sisters and visiting their website and reading their story I took the plunge. With my basic culinary skills I had the best salmon dish I have ever been served." - Bert B. 


The Salmon Sisters Cookbook

Living by the sea has inspired the way our family works, eats and lives. Our first cookbook The Salmon Sisters: Fishing, Feasting and Living in Alaska is a collection of our family's favorite recipes and stories from growing up on our Aleutian homestead, learning to cook on the boat, living close to the land and embracing a simple yet meaningful life. Our second cookbook, The Salmon Sisters: Harvest & Heritage is a guide to eating well through the seasons, with recipes and traditions celebrating the Alaskan spirit. A complimentary copy of Harvest & Heritage will be shipping with Wild Fish Box orders as of 9/5/23. We invite you to explore the delicious seafood recipes inside!

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