Salmon Sisters fish come from the true “wild west” of Alaska’s fishing industry – the pristine Aleutian Islands. Because we are this far removed, often times fishing conditions are harsh and we have to work extra hard to catch your fish. But when it’s done, the extra effort rewards us with what we believe to be some of the highest-quality seafood in Alaska. The fishermen of the Aleutians are fiercely proud of the fish they catch and want the opportunity to share the bounty of this wild place with customers like you.  

When and how will I receive my Halibut or Salmon box? 

Order now to reserve your box of seafood for early October delivery after we have finished our fishing season in Alaska.

Flash-frozen, vacuum packed, boneless portions. Each portion is about 10 ounces--perfect for a well balanced meal. Our Seafood Boxes contain around 18 individual vacuum packed portions and takes up a cubic foot of space in your freezer.

Fed-Ex 2nd Day AM freight charge and proper packaging (wet-lock styrofoam box, dry ice) is included in the boxes overall price. 

When prompted to choose a Shipping Option upon checkout please pick the Free (5 to 7) Business Days option and your share will in fact be mailed Fed-Ex 2nd Day AM. Salmon Sisters has the rights to ship the package by Fed-Ex ground if the customer is within the local area. We batch our orders into by-weekly shipments, leaving Tuesdays with Fed-Ex Tracking Information emailed by the end of the business day.

Our next batch of seafood will ship Tuesday, October 10th with delivery Wednesday, October 11th to Thursday, October 12th by Fed-Ex. If you are interested in purchasing a Seafood Box with a later ship date in 2017 please indicate the ship date in the NOTES section upon checkout.

If you would like a certain delivery date or are sending a seafood box to a third party please add pertinent information into the Notes section at checkout. Please include a phone number upon checkout to ensure Fed-Ex delivery staff has a number to contact if any delivery complications arise. Your order will arrive with No Signature Required. We cannot ship to PO boxes. Salmon Sisters is not responsible for the partial thaw or quality concerns for a customers fish and will not receive a refund.

Our favorite recipes, newsletter on our fishing season, Fillet a Fish Tea Towel and cedar grilling plank included in box price. Package ships separately.  

What will my seafood look like inside box?

Upon receiving, pop open the box and carefully handle the portions to avoid breaking the vacuum pack seals. Frozen seafood will keep in your freezer for up to nine months. 

Your share will arrive frozen to your door. The top layer of portions or fillets may be partially thawed upon arrival even when packed with dry ice, either immediately put them back in your freezer to retain the premium texture and taste for another meal or thaw them fully to eat as your first delicious seafood meal.  Please take vacuum packed fillets from share packaging and place carefully in freezer to keep not break vacuum seal and at desired temperature.  

Our 10 pound Seafood Boxes take up a cubic foot of space in a regular freezer and the box can easily be broken down for individual vacuum packed portions to snugly fit in your freezer if space is a constraint. 

The vacuum packaged portions and outside box will have our processors Peter Pan Seafoods label on all packaging. The frozen product is shipped from Seattle, WA by Fed-Ex. Customers will receive tracking information by email upon packages shipment from Salmon Sisters and up to date tracking information from Fed-Ex with a delivery confirmation and any unforeseen delays, like a winter storm, by email and phone. Customers are welcome to work with Fed-Ex to hold the package at a local facility for pick up.

What is the best way to thaw and prepare my fish?

We recommend you keep your fish frozen until the day before you plan to cook it and thaw it overnight in your refrigerator. When in a hurry you may submerge your vacuum-packed fillet or portions in cool water for twenty five minuets. 

 As a general rule, for each inch of thickness allow ten minuets of cooking.Please don't overcook your fish – fillets and portions continue to cook after taken off heat. The fillet should be slightly translucent when finished. Preparation techniques include grilling on high heat, baking at 400 degrees F, or marinating and sauting in a hot skillet. 

Visit Wild Alaska Flavor for an excellent selection of recipes. 

Quality Guarantee and Privacy

If you are for any reason unsatisfied with your share, send us an email at customerservice@aksalmonsisters.com and we will find a solution together.

Customers will have to check the status of their shipment through the FedEx website with the tracking number we provide to them.  It is essential that customers are present at the "Ship To" address to receive this perishable product and delivery times cannot be scheduled. Neither Salmon Sisters Seafood or FedEx will contact the recipient to schedule delivery. Apartment building deliveries will be left with doormen or office if available.  Correct and current "Ship To" address is our customer's responsibility.  Physical addresses only, no PO or APO can be accepted.  Once an order has shipped, a change of address is required to be confirmed over email by Friday of the week before the box is scheduled to ship. Neither Salmon Sisters or FedEx will accept liability for shipments delayed due to incorrect or change of address while in transit.  If your shipment is delayed, please contact your FedEx office first and provide them with tracking number and information. 

Salmon Sisters respects your privacy and will never knowingly share any personal information of our shareholders with any third party without personal consent. We may ask for use of your information to better our delivery system and operations, but will not share it with anyone. We use a safeguarded database online payment program “Shopify” to protect your information.

Salmon Sisters Seafood provides share purchasers with 10  pound boxes of frozen wild Alaska salmon and halibut.  By clicking “confirm” upon purchasing a Salmon Sisters Seafood share, purchaser is responsible to uphold Salmon Sisters Seafood clearly stated 2017 Terms and Conditions. Upon purchase shareholders will receive a confirmation email with additional details on delivery.