Wild Fish Box Information


Your fish is packed carefully by our partners at Forte Frozen in Portland, Oregon. You will receive a sturdy cardboard box with smaller inner box filled with frozen fish, packed securely with insulation, gel packs, and dry ice to keep your fish frozen and in premium condition while in transit. A packing slip and information sheet will be at the top of the box. Dry ice may have evaporated by time of delivery. Deliveries are made directly to your door by UPS.

Due to the warmer weather, we will not be shipping frozen Wild Fish Boxes to the following states this summer: AZ, TX, FL, HI, AK. Please email our team if you would like to be added to our fall waitlist. 


Processing Times 

Wild Fish Boxes automatically are released to ship Tuesdays with delivery expected by Friday, depending on the final destination. 

Email Customer Care if you would like to request a ship date or to hold your order until a later week.

Please note, sometimes orders placed on Sunday - Tuesday will have to wait for the following week to ship if order volume is high. 


      Shipping Costs

      Salmon Sisters is not able to offer free shipping on our Wild Alaska Fish Boxes

      The additional costs applied at checkout are calculated regionally depending on the shipping address location. We offer a flat-rate and shipping costs are not weight dependent. If orders contain multiple Wild Fish Boxes, only one shipping fee will be charged. 

      When purchasing apparel, gear, or provisions AND any of our Wild Fish Boxes, customers will receive the free shipping promotion if $100 is spent on the non-frozen goods, but we are unable to extend that offer to the frozen seafood shipment. 




      You will receive an email with order confirmation immediately upon ordering. An email with tracking information will be sent as soon as your shipping label has been created, typically Tuesday mornings. Download the Shop app for real time updates. 



      Your order will arrive with no signature required. It is essential that customers are present at the shipping address to receive this perishable product. Neither Salmon Sisters nor the carrier will accept liability for shipments delayed due to incorrect or change of address while in transit. If your shipment is delayed, please contact the carrier first and provide them with tracking number. Delivery times cannot be scheduled.

      We cannot ship to PO or APO boxes. If the customer adds a PO box as shipping destination, they will be contacted by our customer care team to find an alternate address. Apartment building deliveries will be left with doormen or front office, if available. Customers can check the status of their shipment using the tracking information emailed to them when their order leaves our fulfillment center. Customers are welcome to work with the carrier to hold their package at a local facility for pick up.

      Salmon Sisters is not responsible for partial thaw or quality concerns for shipments that were not collected by customers in a timely manner when accurate shipping information was provided. If you are for any reason unsatisfied with your order, send us an email Customer Service and we will find a solution together.


      Upon Arrival

      Open the box and transfer to your freezer, carefully handling the portions to avoid breaking the vacuum pack seals. Frozen fish will keep well in your freezer for up to nine months, so you can always have nutritious food on hand.

      Please do not consume fish if it arrived mostly thawed or with loose vacuum seals. 

      Our boxes fit easily inside a regular freezer and take up approximately one cubic foot of space. The individually vacuum-packed portions can be easily stacked on freezer shelves or in drawers. 



      What is the best way to thaw and prepare my fish?

      We recommend you keep your fish frozen until the day before you plan to cook it and thaw it overnight in your refrigerator. When in a hurry, you can also submerge your vacuum-packed fillet or portions in cool water for 25 minutes to thaw before cooking. Consume fish within 1 day of thawing for best flavor. 

      As a general rule, for each inch of thickness, allow ten minutes of cooking. Fish is easy to overcook because it continues to cook even after removed from heat. The inside of your fillet should be slightly translucent when finished. Preparation techniques include grilling on high heat, baking at 400 degrees F, or marinating and sautéing in a hot skillet. 

      For our family's favorite simple and delicious fish recipes, try our cookbook, Salmon Sisters: Fishing, Feasting, and Living in Alaska! or check out the recipe links below. 

      Pickled Salmon, Miso Salmon Soba Salad Bowl, Salmon Red Curry, Tinned Salmon Nicoise Sandwich, Sautéed Halibut with Lemon-Pesto Butter, Salmon Poke, Superfood Salmon Cakes, Salmon Gravlax with Dijon-Dill Sauce, Coconut Curry Fish Soup, & Smoked Salmon Spread

      How are Alaska’s commercial fisheries responsibly managed?

      Alaska has over one million square miles of rich fishing waters – and every mile is a precious resource. Our fishing is anchored in strict conservation practices so that delicious Alaska Seafood can be enjoyed for generations to come. Sustainability is written into our State Constitution, and every day fishermen, scientists, conservationists as well as state, federal and international organizations work together to responsibly manage our fisheries and care for our waters. The secret to Alaska’s success lies in responsible fisheries management and sustainable fishing practices that take care not to harm the fish, other marine plants and animals, nor the environment. Alaska’s fisheries meet the criteria of the United Nations of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, the most comprehensive and respected fisheries management guidelines in the world. 
      Why choose wild fish from Alaska?

      There are so many reasons to choose seafood from Alaska! Most importantly, it’s wild. Wild-caught salmon, whitefish and shellfish mature at a natural pace and swim freely in the pristine waters off Alaska’s rugged 34,000 mile coastline. Alaska seafood is known around the world for its superior flavor and texture, which come from the fish feeding on their natural diet of marine organisms and from annual migrations in the cold North Pacific. This makes Alaska seafood versatile and easy to prepare using your favorite cooking method, whether you like to grill, poach, bake or saute, you can have a delicious meal on the table in minutes. You will be making a meal that is nutritious, low in saturated fat and high in “good fats” – heart-healthy omega-3s. Alaska seafood is an environmentally responsible choice, since our state uses careful management based on conservation to assure abundant fish stocks in the future. And finally, by choosing wild Alaska seafood, you are supporting Alaskan families and communities. The seafood industry is our state’s largest private sector employer. Each small salmon fishing vessel, for example, is a floating family business, contributing to state and local economies. Our own family runs three boats that harvest wild Alaska salmon, halibut, cod and sablefish and we love sharing our catch with you!
      Where can I learn more about Wild Alaska Seafood?

      The seafood bounty of Alaska is unrivaled. If you’re curious about how your fish was caught, its seasonal availability, its flavor profile, nutrition facts or preparation methods, click here to visit an interactive guide with helpful videos, images and information.

      For information on Alaska seafood food safety click here.

      For more on the economic benefits of Alaska seafood click here.

      For delicious Alaska seafood recipes, you can order our cookbook: Salmon Sisters: Fishing, Feasting and Living in Alaska – which contains our family's favorite ways to prepare wild fish. 

      Do you ship fish boxes internationally? 

      No. We are unable to ship our frozen fish boxes outside the United States or to the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

      Due to the warmer weather, we will not be shipping frozen Wild Fish Boxes to the following states this summer: AZ, TX, FL, HI, AK. Please email our team if you would like to be added to our fall waitlist

      Why should I choose fresh-frozen fish over fresh fish found at my local seafood counter?

      When it comes to most food, fresh is better. Sure, there's nothing quite like fresh fish, straight from the fishing boat. However, if you're anywhere beyond the immediate coast, the truth is that your seafood is at least 5 days old before it shows up at your supermarket and even older once it makes its way to your plate. Our fish is processed and frozen immediately after it hits the dock, and kept frozen until you decide to eat it, to maintain quality and freshness.   

      What if I'm not satisfied with my seafood purchase? 

      Customer satisfaction and money back guarantee, we will refund the total purchase price if our product does not meet your expectations. If you are for any reason unsatisfied with your seafood, contact us and we will find a solution together. All Salmon Sisters seafood (shelf stable and frozen) is final sale and not returnable.