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The Salmon Sisters: Harvest & Heritage

Published by Sasquatch Books, 2023

About the Book

Celebrate the seasons through the food, traditions, and rituals of our Alaskan home. Lush photography, charming illustrations, 60 comforting recipes, and 35 traditions showcase and honor the wild spirit, natural bounty, and seasonal rhythms of land and sea.

Open up the rich pages of Harvest & Heritage and step into another world. A landscape dotted with berries, wildflowers, and moose, an ocean rich with salmon, seafood, and kelp. A place of resilience and cherished traditions. While the landscape is vast, the community is tight-knit. This is the world we invite you to share with us through a year of changing seasons and comforting rituals. And yes, deeply satisfying food.

The cookbook is organized by season. In each section, readers will find:

  • Recipes ideal for the home cook
  • Illustrated rituals and traditions
  • Stories from Alaskan women on living and eating well 
  • A Solstice or Equinox menu to celebrate the seasonal harvest
  • Expansive and intimate photography by Dawn Heumann 

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Praise for Harvest & Heritage

“One thing we need more in this world is people who truly love every bit of what they do. This book celebrates just that. Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton make me want to escape to Alaska and go fishing and then cook a gorgeous feast with their recipes. You will too.” 

Renee Erickson, chef and co-owner of Sea Creatures Restaurants, author of A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus and Getaway
"In exploring and writing about the place that they love, Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton give us a seat at their Alaskan table, mapping out a blueprint for paying attention to our everyday, even if we don't live near saltwater shores. The celebration of seasons, harvest, and all that the natural world provides creates the framework for the art of living, a practice that asks us to find beauty and inspiration in rituals, food, and community. Harvest & Heritage is as much a cookbook as it is a call to rethink our own relationship to the place we live, the stories we tell, and the people we spend our time with."

Anna Brones, artist, writer, and co-author of Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break
“The Salmon Sisters’ new cookbook is a beautiful celebration of how deeply the seasonal changes of the Alaskan landscape shift and shape what you eat, when, and with whom. This collection is centered around thoughtful stewardship of the land, and how digging into the longstanding wisdom of our surrounding communities can make us better inhabitants, wherever we live. Filled with approachable, exciting recipes, vibrant photography, and attainable prompts and activities, Emma and Claire have created something truly extraordinary borne out of their rich Alaskan heritage.”

Julie Pointer Adams, author and photographer of Wabi-Sabi Welcome and Al Fresco

"These pages are full of all that is charming, rugged, and delicious about Alaska. The Sisters’ life-earned wisdom translates into a manual for a good life lived anywhere. I’m a happier person for having read this book, and I want to go to Alaska."

Barton Seaver, chef and author of The Joy of Seafood and American Seafood

"This second Salmon Sisters cookbook even outdoes the first fabulous one. As an Alaskan, I value not just the outstanding recipes, photographs, and graphics but the attentions to our seasonal round of harvesting and the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment. The reflections by Alaska women on their lives within the seasons are an added and inspiring bonus."

Nancy Lord, author of Fishcamp and Early Warming


Salmon Sisters: Feasting, Fishing and Living in Alaska 

Published in 2020 by Sasquatch Books

About the Book

From growing up on a homestead in the Aleutian Islands, working on the family fishing boat, foraging wild plants from the coastline and harvesting vegetables from the garden, we invite you to experience our fulfilling life of fishing and feasting in Alaska. In this book, we share our connection to the abundant northern seas and our secrets to living close to the land and embracing a simple, meaningful existence. Enjoy our family favorites like Wild Salmon Poke, Superfood Salmon Cakes, Halibut Chowder, Spicy Seafood Cioppino, Sauteed Purple Potatoes with Butter and Chives, Pickled Beets, Rhubarb Custard Pie and more.

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Outside Magazine

"The Salmon Sisters’ cookbook aims to be an entry point for anyone looking to add more seafood to their diet and support the nation’s small-scale fishermen in the process."

Martha Stewart

"To flip through the pages of Emma Teal Laukitis's and Claire Neaton's new cookbook The Salmon Sisters: Feasting, Fishing and Living in Alaska is to be whisked away on an adventure in the country's northernmost state. There are tales of the sisters' childhood growing up on an off-the-grid homestead, guides to seafood, glimpses of what it's like to be a commercial fisherman, and, of course, recipes. Fifty of them to be exact. Simple, comfort food where fresh ingredients steal the show in recipes like Winter Caretaker Sourdough Pancakes, Tangy Octopus Salad, and more."

Publisher's Weekly

"Sisters Laukitis and Neaton, who grew up on a remote homestead in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and worked in the family fishing business, deliver a refreshing and delightful seafood cookbook. [A]n informative, entertaining, and inspiring approach sure to resonate with seafood lovers of all skill levels."

Library Journal

"A sound addition to cookbook shelves focusing on fish and the fishing life. Family stories mixed with recipes create a captivating experience." 

Anchorage Daily News

"Emma Laukitis and Claire Neaton — siblings and fishermen known as the Salmon Sisters — grew up on a homestead in the Aleutian Islands and have offered up a love song to the state with their new cookbook."

Customer Review

"A deeply personal, beautiful and, most importantly, useful book. It is a song to the Last Frontier that will lure anyone listening through its pages, whether you live there, the greater Pacific Northwest, or beyond. 

-- Hank Shaw, James Beard Award winning author, chef, and commercial fisherman

Customer Review

"This gorgeous book is so much more than a cookbook.  It is also an ode to Alaskan life that makes me wish I could load a uHaul and move there to spend the remainder of my life. The book spans family history, village relations, small-town fishing industry, and of course a slew of delicious recipes.

The sisters' love for their home is evident in every word as they lovingly describe their parent's humble beginnings on a remote homestead and how they learned to embrace the lifestyle. The lived in a boat or on the coast or in their homestead and enjoyed every fresh morsel they could forage or catch. It must have been hard work but they make it sound so enjoyable, so peaceful. The community was close-knit and came together for potlucks. Neighbors bartered their own specialties with each other to make sure everyone was well stocked. Their lifestyle seems so vastly different than my own as I live in a city with every modern convenience at hand. Perhaps, if reincarnation exists, I will be reborn in the Aleutian Islands."

Customer Review

"Elegant but understated in a way that comes off as genuine, not precious. lt's a hard tone to get right but it seems to come naturally to the sisters. I also love the way their mom's presence shines through. I've already bought three copies and am trying to figure who else I can send it to, without unduly increasing demand for me to air-ship seafood from Alaska."



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