Fishing Photos: Our Instagram Favorites

We love fishing photos.

We especially enjoy the ones we've seen recently of our fish-loving followers! We picked a few to share here, but many more can been found under the hashtag #aksalmonsisters on Instagram.

Nelly & Michael

This is Nelly & Michael Hand.

Together they fish the beautiful Copper River and Prince William Sound on their 32-foot gill-netting boat called the Far Away. They also sell Wild Alaskan Salmon, check out their website!


Copy of photo 5

This photo is from Terry Huffer, who grew up fishing in Bristol Bay (Egegik district).

Terry's dad and brothers man the skiff while she and her mom fish the beach. She's bringing her fiance fishing next summer!


Copy of IMG_9377

This is Christine Hansen.

She grew up in Haines, Alaska. She is the youngest of three daughters and a 5th generation Alaskan. This was her first year as a commercial deckhand on the Eleanor S., a 39 ft. gillnetter, and a member of an all-woman crew! This photo was taken in the Cross Sound area and Glacier Bay, where Christine fished for halibut in August.


Copy of Blake Fishing edit

This photo is by Megan Asa, of her cousin Blake aboard the f/v Valiant.

She's a Seattle girl but has worked in Cordova's canneries during summers and got to hang out on her brother's seiner in Prince William Sound this season!


Copy of photo (2)

This cool lady is Natalia Povelite.

She was born in Kodiak. Her dad ran a seiner in Kodiak and mom set-netted in the Shelikof strait and on the Kvichak River. Natalia and her sister Lainey return home to fish every summer. Natalia has worked with ASMI's Global Food Aid Program, most recently in the Philippines, to assist with donation of pink salmon. This photo is from the prop of one of the several ships that typhoon Yolanda washed up into a poor neighborhood where she distributed salmon. Read it on her blog here:

Go girl.



This photo was taken by Wictor Bernersjö and the guy in the picture is his childhood friend Alexander Erikson.

They are from Sweden. They have office jobs but dream of being commercial fishermen. Another dream of theirs is to visit Alaska, and this summer you might find them fishing in Kodiak!



This is Christine Thompson.

She grew up in Kodiak and has fished in Bristol Bay on the f/v Stargazer for the last 12 years, and goes to school in the wintertime. She takes some kick-butt photos.



Keep us updated with your fishing photos! We love them.


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