Salmon Sisters at Fish Expo

In November we made our way to Seattle for the annual Marine Pacific Fish Expo! We shared a booth with the gracious people of Alaska's Sea Grant and had a great time connecting with fishermen and women from all over the country who attended the show. We sold our Young Fishermen of American Hoodies, which we made with the intention of fostering greater sense of community amongst young fishermen in Alaska and across America. Our hope for these hoodies is to offer a physical representation to celebrate our heritage as fishermen and our pride as harvesters. As individuals and as Salmon Sisters, we care deeply about the sustainability of our fisheries and the future generations of fishing leaders. In 2014, the profits and sponsorship money from our Young Fishermen hoodies will be given to the Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit, created by the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, designed to provide information and opportunities for the next generation of commercial fishermen.

Our sponsors for this project include Bulletproof Nets, Alaska Sea Grant, United Catcher Boats, and Seafood Harvesters of America. We appreciate their support to make projects like these possible. 

The highlight of our time at Expo was watching an awesome girl, and the first girl ever, win the Fishermen of the Year contest. Rock on strong women.

See you next year, Seattle!


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