Introducing: the Salmon Love Hoodie!

We made something new that we're pretty excited about. The new Salmon Love Hoodie is the product of our work with the Salmon Project -- a project about Alaskans and their deep personal connection to salmon as a source of pride, food, and way of life.   

We work to find the positive, connective, celebratory ways that Alaskans interact with salmon—and the ways they interact with each other through salmon. We try to reveal salmon's place in our economies, communities and cultures. We try to discover where it is in the wild Alaskan places we call home. Why do we do this? Because we believe Alaskans are the best stewards of salmon for generations to come. We also believe that if we see, celebrate, and connect with each other, we'll be stronger. Salmon is not about our differences. It's about the things we hold in common. -- Salmon Project

My sister and I resonate deeply with the mission of the Salmon Project. We grew up working on our family's commercial fishing boat, and have been "sustained by salmon" completely. Salmon have been the source of our food, our education, and most of our opportunities. Without our crew shares from the salmon season we would never have been able to put money towards starting our own business. Salmon Sisters is made possible by, you know it, salmon. Share your salmon story with the Salmon Project on their website. Show your Salmon Love with one of these vibrant ocean green and "salmon" colored Salmon Love zip ups!

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