100 Days of Salmon: Part 1

Our summers are in full swing! Many of us are fishing, waking up early and staying up late, chasing jumpers and stacking corks and hanging on the end of our drift nets late into windy sunsets and pink sky cold mornings. There is no shortage of fresh air and windy water — the ocean continues to move us with her wild, arresting body. What we pull up from her depths, shimmering and churning, are no less captivating. The salmon have returned. Perhaps slowly, perhaps carefully, but they’ve journey far to journey back to their birth streams, and our nets. In honor of these fish that are our namesake and our livelihood, we are celebrating 100 Days of Salmon. When we’re fishing we try new fish recipes, take silly back deck photos with our fresh catch, smoke salmon, eat salmon, cook salmon, wear clothes with salmon on them (!), catch sometimes small, sometimes large amount of salmon. This summer we’ve decided to document our love affair with these beautiful fish and post photos on our Instagram and Facebook accounts tagged with #100daysofsalmon. We invite you to join in, whether you’re wearing Salmon Sisters gear while filleting fish, laying on a deck load of pinks, or kissing a giant king salmon. We’re on this summer-long adventure together and we love seeing photos from different fishing areas around the state. Keep ‘em coming!



(This is Gracee Every, Eastside setnetter in Kenai district. She worked so hard she fell asleep standing up. Her mom Amber said, "This is why we continue fighting for our fishery. Teaching the younger generation a hard days work.")


This summer, the Salmon Sisters are both in Prince William Sound. Emma is fishing on our family’s boat the Stanley K with our dad, running skiff, and making lox and apple pies and cooking a weird amount of lingcod jigged up by the rest of the crew. Claire, with her husband Pete and Emma’s boyfriend Jacob, is tendering on the Oracle, our family’s new boat that was built in Oregon this winter. They’re working for Silver Bay Seafoods and have loved getting to know their fleet. They’ve been smoking lots of salmon onboard and making good trades with other boats for things like basil-infused water and cinnamon rolls. Claire got to jump ship and make a celebrity appearance on the Stanley K for a day, back to stacking corks and shoveling pinks like a boss. We’ve had three of our cousins from Minnesota, Ohio and Washington join our crew this summer, which has been really fun for our whole family. It’s neat to acquaint our relatives with this summertime boat life that we grew up with. We’re looking forward to catching (and pumping) many more fish before we leave this calm, amazingly beautiful area of Alaska and head West later in in August to start long lining for halibut around False Pass and Dutch Harbor.


We have been continuously grateful this summer for the love our retail shops have been sharing for Salmon Sisters clothing, outfitting people all over Alaska in gear for their outdoor adventures. In Petersburg, Lee’s Clothing held a 4th of July pop-up booth outside their shop, selling Salmon Sisters hoodies and taking awesome promotional photos that they posted on their Instagram throughout the day. We love them!

We’re also excited to announce that our go-to raingear company, Grundens, will be releasing a women’s line this fall! We got to test some of their pieces out this summer, and we’ve barely taken the things off. It has been many years that we’ve been swimming around in our orange bibs, and the Neoprene cuffs alone on these new jackets will change your life. There are a lot of ladies who spend their summers fishing, running boats and working the back deck, and it's great that Grundens is the first to realize the need for a gender-specific fit. Next summer, you ladies will be feeling sexier than ever while covered in fish scales. Yahoo! Here’s a sneak peak:

Fishing Lifestyle Product

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