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There's a reason why the taste of Alaska's wild seafood is unmatched; Snow-capped peaks rise above our pristine waterways, glacial streams run into our ocean, vibrant marine ecosystems are honored by coastal communities. Eggs hatch, fish grow and thrive in the ocean, and return to their birthplace to spawn in an eternal expression of their intended lifecycle, wild in nature. 

Our new Engineered by Nature Tees, made in partnership with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI), are a celebration of the wildness that makes Alaska's seafood pure nutritious gold. Printed on soft Alternative Apparel, these tees are an everyday way to show off your pride in Alaska's sustainable fisheries and natural abundance. Stay wild, friends.



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  • what a great cause! and that tee is adorable!and the veiny feet comnemt made me laugh because i am 12 years younger than you and i have the exact same veins in my feet. haha!

    Burak on

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