Boat Food Shopping List

Boat Food Shopping List

Every year we do a giant grocery shop for our summer at sea. We load up shopping carts with provisions that will last us sometimes several months without restocking or going to land to provision. We fill the back of our truck and wheel boxes of fresh, frozen, canned and dry food in carts at high tide to the boat, and stow everything safely away in bins and cubbies and freezers.

Food is such an important part of boat life for keeping morale high and bodies strong, and though ingredients are often simple and limited, it's always good to head to the store with a good list to make sure you've got all the staples you'll need for the summer. Here is a master list we use to shop for our boats – we're sharing it here for you to use and tweak for your crew and your season. Feel free to download the images to your computer and print them off for an easy list. The complete list is also available as a Google Doc for easy editing. Just save to your Drive. Open the doc here.

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  • I’d like to use your boat shopping list for my pantry stocking here in the lower 48 during the pandemic. One question… do you track expiration dates and/or how much you have left ensure that nothing goes to waste?
    Or is it just “whatever’s left at the end of the trip is what we eat”?

    Val C on

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