How to Brew a Better Cup of Boat Coffee

How to Brew a Better Cup of Boat Coffee

Alaska's fishermen work long hours and sleep very little during their seasons on the water, relying heavily on strong pots of coffee and a lot of fresh air to stay awake through the day and on wheel watch at night. We asked our friends at Kaladi Brothers, Alaska's favorite coffee roasters, for their tips on brewing a better cup of coffee on the boat, so we could all elevate our coffee game, and rise and grind. 

Coffee Preparation Tips:

  1. Coffee Temperature:

    • Thaw to Room Temperature: Ensure coffee is thawed to or kept at room temperature before grinding and brewing. This helps in achieving a consistent grind size and optimal extraction.
    • Grind Fresh: Grind coffee beans just before brewing. Ground coffee de-gasses and loses its vibrancy and freshness much faster than whole beans.
  2. Grind Size and Brew Method:

    • Matching Grind Size: Use the appropriate grind size for your brew method to avoid weak, watery, or over-extracted coffee.
      • French Press: Coarse grind (8-9 on a scale of 1-10)
      • Paper Filter and Pour-Over: Medium grind (5-6 on a scale of 1-10)
      • Espresso Machines/Pod Systems: Fine grind (2-3 on a scale of 1-10)
    • Experiment: There is some flexibility in grind size. Experiment to find the perfect grind size for your taste.
  3. Blooming:

    • French Press and Pour-Over: Allow the coffee to "bloom" by pouring a portion of the hot water over the grounds and letting it rest for 30-45 seconds before continuing with the brew.
      • French Press: Use about a third of the total water.
      • Pour-Over: Use about twice the amount of water as there are grounds.
    • Blooming Benefits: This process allows the grounds to open up fully, resulting in a fuller, richer flavor.
  4. Post-Brewing Tips for French Press:

    • Avoid Over-Extraction: Pour out all the coffee immediately after brewing to prevent it from becoming bitter and acidic due to prolonged contact with the grounds.

By following these guidelines, you can enhance the flavor and quality of your coffee, regardless of the brewing method you choose. We hope your season is safe, your nets are full, and your coffee is strong. Please send us photos of your Mug Up this summer while you're at sea @aksalmonsisters on Instagram.

Try the Salmon Sisters x Kaladi Brothers Collaboration Coffee and come visit our Mug Up Coffee Shop in Homer, Alaska during the summer months for a fine cup of brew.


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