Alaska Young Fishermen's Almanac

“I am a fisherman. It is not merely something that I do, it is who I am…”  
-Author Unknown

Rich stories, sketches from the sea, recipes, poetry, time-tested advice, knot-tying - these are just some of the elements that weave into the fishing net of our lives. We are thrilled to be contributing members of The Young Alaska Fishermen’s Almanac, a first-ever compilation that celebrates our unique, shared and cherished fishing ways of life. The Almanac captures the ingenuity, persistence, humor and passion of the next generation of fishing leaders in Alaska and shares the stories of those who fish on Alaska's wild waters.

The almanac came to fruition thanks to The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network, a coalition working to engage and empower the next generation of fishermen both in their careers on the water and in their communities on land. By connecting young fishermen to each other, to strong mentors, and to the resources they need to be successful, their fishing communities remain resilient. Fifty-seven fishermen from The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network contributed offerings of their unique and beautiful views on the incredible challenges and rewards of the industry.

 Leaf through the Almanac and you’ll open up a window to the life on the Alaska sea. It’s brimming with wisdom and it is BEAUTIFUL. It’s artwork in and of itself - something you’ll want to display on your coffee table for your guests to get lost in.

Salmon Sisters is proud to make the Almanac available for purchase on our website. Your purchase will go far - by buying an Almanac you are supporting young fishermen and helping them take on leadership roles within their communities and fisheries.

The Almanac will also be available for purchase at our flagship store in Homer and in select bookstores and coffee shops in other Alaska coastal communities after Dec. 9. Visit for a complete list of businesses carrying the Almanac.

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