Meet the Women Making Tinned Fish Cool: Condé Nast Traveler

Meet the Women Making Tinned Fish Cool: Condé Nast Traveler

The verdict is out – fish in a can CAN be delicious! Fun to be included in this story about the women behind companies making tinned fish cool by Sylvie Florman for Condé Nast Traveler, in good company with Fishwife & Scout Canning. We're excited to see the tinned salmon Alaskans know and love hitting pantry shelves across the country – it's the easiest way to eat fish, and a sustainable, delicious protein source. Read the full story here



"For sisters Claire Neaton and Emma Teal Laukitis, local tinned fish has always been in style. Growing up in Alaska, the food was omnipresent. At their wild fish and gear company, Salmon Sisters, Neaton and Laukitis recently began offering frozen wild-caught fish like salmon, cod, and halibut, as well as provisions, like their tinned salmon produced in partnership with Wildfish Cannery, giving customers across the country the opportunity to try Alaskan fish from small, independent boats."

"The addition has so far been a success: Over the past year, sales of both their frozen and canned fish have soared, with customers often buying 18 to 32 cans per order, and many others returning for more. Thanks to this newly dedicated customer base, they even see potential for a future subscription model. “It’s been the perfect product,” says Neaton. “It’s just superfood.” 

"Neaton and Laukitis, who fish commercially, have always made it part of their mission to celebrate and share the place and people behind Alaska's seafood. It's a sentiment shared by all three brands. With transparency in mind, the women behind Salmon Sisters, Fishwife, and Scout are working to educate consumers on where, how, and by whom the product is made—whether that’s by printing the name of the fisherman on the box, or using their platforms to teach consumers about sustainable industry practices. “People are wanting to know more about where their food is coming from, and they’re finding out that fish can be a very sustainable food source,” says Laukitis."

Try our Smoked Tinned Alaskan Salmon produced by family-owned Wildfish Cannery, bringing you a taste of Alaska's wild bounty, infused with craft traditions and sealed in a can. Thick pieces of wild salmon from Southeast, Alaska are gently smoked with natural alder wood, preserving their firm texture and rich wild salmon flavor. Then they are hand packed into cans and cooked to perfection.

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