Say it with Salmon: Make Wild Salmon Poke with your Valentine

Say it with Salmon: Make Wild Salmon Poke with your Valentine

How do you say “I love you?” We cook fish with our loved ones and nourish their hearts, bodies, and minds with healthy wild food. Light some candles, sharpen your fillet knife, and get cooking! Wild salmon is an especially nice choice for Valentine’s Day because of it’s heart-healthy omega-3s, immune boosting awesomeness, and for supplying the building blocks for production of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone! Our Wild Salmon Poke recipe from The Salmon Sisters cookbook is the perfect meal to share with someone special this Valentine's Day.  

Not sure where to find good wild salmon? We've got you covered. Our Wild Fish Boxes ship straight to our customers' doors and are full of sustainably-harvested sockeye and coho from Alaska's cold and pristine waters. When you eat our salmon, you're supporting American fishing families, responsible fishing practices, and your own strong and healthy body. You can share the salmon love by shipping a box of fish directly to your special someone – just enter their shipping address at checkout. 

Learn more: Why Eating Seafood is the Best Thing you Can Do for Your Health and How to Cook Salmon.


Share the Salmon Love: Give Fish

If you have a pantry full of canned salmon, tinned fish, or smoked provisions, join us in giving fish to the people in your community who need it most. We give canned and frozen salmon to our local food bank in Alaska, which provides an important healthy protein source for families who might not have access to it otherwise. Our customers help us with these donations through our Give Fish Project, which sets aside a portion of proceeds to purchase this seafood. If your business or family finds itself in a position to give this season, it’s easy to swing by your local food bank (there is usually an easy drop box outside) and feel the salmon love all around. Learn more about ways to give through the Food Bank of Alaska and the Feeding America directory.

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