Share Salmon Love & Give Back this Valentine's Day

Share Salmon Love & Give Back this Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day this year, join us by sharing your salmon love and giving back to wild places and communities. 

Write a Love Letter to Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay is home to the most magnificent wild Sockeye Salmon fishery in the world! Bristol Bay is so abundant that commercial fishermen are lucky enough to harvest over half of the planet’s sockeye salmon there each year. This means, if you’re eating wild Sockeye, it’s likely coming straight from a beautiful, rugged, and remote area of Alaska – Bristol Bay. We think this is something worth celebrating and protecting – for people who fish, people who like eating fish, and for future generations. For Valentine’s Day we are writing a love letter to Bristol Bay! Here’s how you can join us:

  • Tell President Trump to stop the Pebble Mine here.
  • Tell your members of congress to stop the Pebble Mine here.
  • Join the community and share your connection to Bristol Bay here

Photo by Corey Arnold | Graveyard Point, Bristol Bay, Alaska



Go on a Date to “The Wild”

When wild salmon return to their home rivers, they spawn and die – giving their bodies to their progeny, the earth itself and human beings. Their last act ensures that life will continue. There is literally nothing more romantic than that!

Mark Titus’s new film The Wild is an urgent call to action – examining our connection to the natural world that sustains us and what it means to save what we love (in this case, salmon).

The Wild Trailer 2018 from Mark Titus on Vimeo.

Learn more about the film here and check out the film tour schedule. Invite your Valentine on a date to the next screening of The Wild near you! You’ll be feeling that salmon love!

Cook a Romantic Salmon Dinner

How do you say “I love you?” We cook fish with our loved ones and nourish their hearts, bodies, and minds with healthy wild food. Light some candles, sharpen your fillet knife, and get cooking! Wild salmon is an especially nice choice for Valentine’s Day because of it’s heart-healthy omega-3s, immune boosting awesomeness, and for supplying the building blocks for production of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone!

One of our favorite easy salmon recipes is Sockeye Salmon Poke Bowls from Bristol Bay Sockeye, which can be made from frozen fillets and have an easy assembly with beautiful results. Honestly, your crush blown away. 

Shop Salmon Sisters frozen Sockeye Salmon here

Give Fish

If you have a pantry full of canned salmon, tinned fish, or smoked provisions, join us in giving fish to the people in your community who need it most. We give cans of salmon to our local food bank in Alaska, which provides an important healthy protein source for families who might not have access to it otherwise. Our Salmon Sisters customers help us with these donations through our Give Fish Project, which sets aside 1% of our sales to purchase this seafood. If your business or family can donate a little this holiday, it’s easy to swing by your local food bank (there is usually an easy drop box outside) and feel the salmon love all around.

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