The Puffin Collection by Salmon Sisters x Xtratuf

The Puffin Collection by Salmon Sisters x Xtratuf

Introducing the Salmon Sisters x Xtratuf Puffin Collection! Inspired by a deep love for the ocean, our latest styles come alive with our favorite seabirds, who are some of Alaska’s finest fishermen themselves. Puffins always inspire us to hustle – there are fish to catch, there is work to do! 

Kaela Jiron Lowe (in Puffin Legacy Boots) and her mom Jen Jiron (in Puffin Ankle Deck Boots) run the Camai, a tender in Bristol Bay and Prince William Sound in the summers and live in Homer, Alaska in the winters. 



Like our fishing community, the horned and tufted puffin spend much of their lives at sea. From the boat, we spot them in colonies nesting on coastal islands and diving from cliffs to gain speed for flight – bouncing off the waves to gain altitude, using their big feet for propulsion, and diving deep down into the water to catch fish. Puffins make us smile as they fly past - their colorful beaks full of herring lined up neatly crosswise, their busy wingbeats, and animated characteristics. Learn facts about Tufted Puffins and Horned Puffins here. 



In support of our feathered friends, a portion of proceeds from the Puffin Collection will be donated to the Alaska SeaLife Center, whose work caring for and monitoring wild seabird populations, like horned and tufted puffins, helps us understand and protect sea life in coastal Alaska. 

"We have 11 species of birds in our aviary at the Alaska SeaLife Center. In total we have 72 individuals and about 1/4 or them are puffins. These guys have really strong personalities so we go out there and do a lot of behavioral observations everyday to make sure we are providing what they need," says Kristen Pelo, Avian Curator.



We are honored to have the opportunity to continue partnering with Xtratuf to design footwear for women to wear outside. Xtratuf Boots have kept our feet dry on deck and on the dock for most of our lifetime, and we've loved creating ocean-inspired artwork for fishermen's feet. It's amazing to see so many Salmon Sisters x Xtratuf boots being worn in Alaska and beyond, on land and at sea. The Women’s Puffin Collection offers Alaska-proven functionality and performance in a style for every adventure. Pick your perfect pair: The Puffin Legacy Boot, Puffin Legacy Deck Boot, or Puffin Legacy Clog.



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