Give Fish Project


We founded the Give Fish Project to give back to the Alaskan community that has supported Salmon Sisters over the years. Eating wild Alaska seafood makes us feel healthy, happy and strong – which is something we want to share with as many people as possible. Each year we have donated at least 1% of our profit to the Food Bank of Alaska in the form of wild fish – nourishing our neighbors who need it most. 

Close to 1 in 7 people and 1 in 5 children struggle with hunger in Alaska. We are proud to have played a part in tackling food insecurity by filling plates with delicious fish and feeding communities the ocean’s sustainably-harvested wild bounty. With this initiative, we have hoped to inspire other businesses and individuals to find creative ways to address challenges in their own communities.



Since we began the Give Fish Project, we have donated over 81,044 pounds of wild fish caught by fishermen in Alaska, which have been distributed to communities large and small across the state. This amounts to around 324,289 (four-ounce) servings of wild salmon for hungry Alaskans. Thank you for helping us give fish and making our donation program possible! A rising tide floats all boats. 

Heading into 2024, we are wrapping up ten years of philanthropic efforts with the Give Fish Project and pointing our compass towards a new initiative of equal importance to us: supporting efforts to help protect wild salmon habitat in Alaska. We are proud of the impact the Salmon Sisters community is able to make together and look forward to helping steward the land and sea for generations of salmon and people to come. We are so grateful for your ongoing support, which helps us give back to the health of our coastal communities and the wild places we all depend on.