Captains and Crew: Fisherwomen of Alaska (Part 1)

These are the women that work beside us and inspire us (tougher ladies you will not find). Their hands are slimy and callused. Their hair has not been brushed in weeks. They brave the seas for glory and gain, their love of the ocean and their trusty mates at their side. These women are the reason we do what we do. Why Salmon Sisters exists, and why we love our job. Badass fisherwomen unite! fisherwomen-of-alaska-1 fisherwomen-of-alaska-2 fisherwomen-of-alaska-3 fisherwomen-of-alaska-4 fisherwomen-of-alaska-5 fisherwomen-of-alaska-6 fisherwomen-of-alaska-7 fisherwomen-of-alaska-8 fisherwomen-of-alaska-9 fisherwomen-of-alaska
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