Captains and Crew: Fisherwomen of Alaska (Part 2)

She cuts the fastest, most beautiful fillet. She ties the strongest bowline knot. She has steel toes in her boots. She cooks best when her pot slides with the motion of the waves. She naps in her raingear on piles of fish. She mends nets with skilled fingers. She stays awake on wheel watch to bring her boat safely to port. She's a fishergirl, a fisherlady, a fisherwoman. fisherladies-1 fisherladies-2 fisherladies-3 fisherladies-4 fisherladies-5 fisherladies-6 fisherladies-7 fisherladies-8 fisherladies-9 fisherladies-10 fisherladies-11 fisherladies-12 fisherladies-13 fisherladies-14 fisherladies-15 fisherladies-16 fisherladies
Character Fishing Lifestyle

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  • …“She’s a fishergirl, a fisherlady, a fisherwoman.” haha yeah what do we call ourselves? cute pics! :)

    Sierra on

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