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These past weeks have been busy ones for our family and for most others gearing up for another summer at sea. We anticipate packing up everything we need for the summer in rubber totes, shoving our bunks full of crackers and rice and hot sauce, waving greater civilization goodbye and driving the boat from Homer, out the Aleutian chain, to False Pass. We are eager to return to the tundra and the strong winds that we've called home for over 20 years now. ASMI (Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute) visited our family's homestead last summer in False Pass. We brought them over to Stonewall Place in our skiff for dinner and we grilled salmon on the porch and talked about fishing and summertime and the ways our small community is invested in a commercial fishing economy. They made this little video from some of these conversations:   We're happy to be returning to this place as a family for another summer and happy that this video can share a few glimpses of its magnificent beauty.
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