Alaska Salmon Quality Standards

Our whole lives, we’ve fished for salmon. Salmon has nourished our bodies and spirits, put food on the table and helped us pay for college. It’s so connected to our hearts and identities, we named our business in honor of it. If you've seen recent news about parasites in Alaska salmon, please take a minute and read this post.

 Alaska salmon is the same fresh, nutritious and healthy fish it has always been and you can continue to enjoy it without worry. All commercially harvested Alaska seafood is processed in accordance with FDA guidelines, which include specific measures about parasite control. The FDA requires that all seafood is frozen at -4F for 7 days, and because Alaska catches so much wild salmon, the vast majority of it is blast frozen or canned- over 94% of it. If you enjoy fresh salmon from Alaska, you need only cook it to 140F for safe consumption. You can rest assured that the Alaska salmon that you buy or order at restaurants has been treated in accordance with federal food safety standards.

 Eating wild salmon from Alaska is one of the best things you can do for you health, period. You should seek out wild salmon for your family and eat it twice a week. If you have any questions, you can consult this information sheet from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. We hope you continue to enjoy Alaska’s amazing salmon, and take the time to share this information with others.

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