Fisher Women

Our experiences working on the water are all unique – we come from different places, fish in different areas, spend our seasons with different crew and are experts at different things on the boat. But as women who fish, we share some commonalities that are perhaps hard, at times, to put into words. Perhaps our hardships are similar, and perhaps similar simple things bring us the greatest joy during the fishing season. This video, Fisher Women, is a glimpse into some of these commonalities that bring us back to the water year after year, and into the things that make us thrive while working on the ocean. Strong women, unite! 

Fisher Women from Anya Chibis on Vimeo.


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  • You look like you know what your doing, good for you keep it up!

    Jameson Hare on
  • I love this video. I have had the pleasure of spending sometime with Hollis at fisherman’s terminal in Seattle, Washington (I actually saved her dog from drowning) she is a wonderful person and truly an inspiration to young women like myself. I think this company is doing something amazing. Keep it up!

    Morgan Rood on

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