Giving Away The First Salmon Sisters Xtratufs

We're pretty pumped to announce the new women's boots we've made in collaboration with Xtratuf for all our Salmon Sisters. We designed ocean-inspired patterns to live on the inside of your favorite classic fishing boots, so when you roll them down you find something special and stylish. Our boots come in two styles, sea-foam green with fish and anchors, and cream with a Giant Pacific Octopus pattern. The Salmon Sisters and Xtratuf logos adorn the outside front of the boots.

We wanted to give women who work on the water something of their own, with a special connection to Alaska. Xtratufs are the boots we grew up in, the ones we wear on and off the boat. After the summer fishing season ends we like seeing how long the fish scales will last, stuck to the sides of our boots as we start wearing them around town, as weather gets colder, snow starts falling, and we layer wools socks on to keep our toes warm in winter. Xtratufs are iconic Alaskan style, an example of what our practical and hardworking community wears to look good and feel good and be prepared for anything that comes at them. Since Xtratufs are something we pull on every day, we figured it would be nice to have some options. So here you are, boots you can put to the test, for fishing fashion. 

Though the boots will be launching in February, we wanted to give our customers a chance to own the first few pairs now! All orders placed over the weekend, through Monday evening, will be entered into a random drawing for a pair of Salmon Sisters Xtratuf boots. 5 winners will be chosen Tuesday morning and will be contacted for their desired boot size and style. We can't wait to have all our Salmon Sisters walking around in these! Boots will be available for sale in February in locations that carry Xtratuf boots, and at The boots will not be available for sale through the Salmon Sisters webshop. 

Images: Scott Dickerson Photography

Our inspiration for these boots, like many of our designs, comes from living on the ocean and commercial fishing with our family. Photos taken in the Aleutian Islands by Emma & Claire.



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  • Loving everything about you ladies!! Would love even more to see your clothing available in Canada!!!

    Sarah McPhee on
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  • Great boots! Can’t wait to get a pair!

    Leslie Casagrande on
  • I just bought the octopus at Prospectors. I hope you make some $$s off the commercial sale. I ❤ these!

    Krista on
  • Are you selling the octopus lined boots? So cute:-)

    Mary Divine on

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