New Grundéns x Salmon Sisters Maris in Metal

New Grundéns x Salmon Sisters Maris in Metal

We're excited to introduce the Salmon Sisters x Grundéns Maris Hoodie and Leggings in Metal, a color that reminds us of the stainless hulls that keep us safe and allow us to live at sea and work as harvesters of wild Alaska seafood. The pattern on the Maris leggings is inspired by our industry's nautical tradition, and the beautiful creatures found in the deep.

The Maris layer fits perfectly under our rain gear when we’re fishing, keeps us warm, and lets us move with ease. It’s great to have gear that performs and fits well when we’re working out on the water, and we’re proud to work with Grundéns, another family-run company dedicated to the commercial fishing industry, to design something especially for women.


 We put the new Maris Hoodie and Leggings to the test gill-netting in Prince William Sound and seining in the Aleutian Islands for salmon this summer and they have become a key layering piece for work on deck. 

Read our most recent entry in the season's logbook from False Pass, AK:

From the Area M fishing grounds, Raggedy Jack and Round Top Mountain rise prominently above the green rolling tundra and volcanic cliffs falling into the sea. Wind is common here, and so is ocean swell. Fog from the Western Gulf pushes in when the wind calms, and when it clears you can see the snowy peaks of Mount Shishaldin.

Aleutian summer weather on the water is consistently cool, especially with the wind. We've been layering up with our Maris Hoodie and Leggings under our rain gear. We love them because they're thick enough that we don't have to pile on two layers, which allows us to move freely without the extra bulk.

Out in the skiff or on the back deck, we're the coziest crew on the boat. We often work 20 hours a day when we're fishing, waking before sunrise to make the first set of the day and fishing until it's too dark to see. 

We've been eating salmon every day, and are feeling our bodies grow stronger and our skin and hair grow softer from their fresh wild nutrients. Out here where it's not quite warm enough to take your jacket off, the summer glow comes from the inside out, thanks to warm layers and to salmon! 

You can shop the Salmon Sisters x Grundéns Collection here.

Photography Sashwa Burrous @sashwaburrous

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