Ocean Notes: A book of Seafaring Women

This fall, Salmon Sister's designer Emma created a book called Ocean Notes. Ocean Notes is a collection of words, photographs, lists, artwork and letters from seafaring women in our commercial fishing community. These women call themselves fishermen and find themselves at sea sometimes for months at a time. Commercial fishing in Alaska has traditionally been considered men’s work, but a fiercely resourceful, intelligent and creative community of women are working in the industry today. Because Alaska is big, the water is wide, and modern modes of communication are often challenging while fishing, these women send letters and write stories and reflect on their experiences through drawings and lists and poems that attempt to capture or illustrate their reality. Life at sea can be physically and mentally trying; it can also be inspiring, life-defining, and at times indescribable to those who haven’t experienced the beautiful wilds of Alaska’s oceans themselves. Each page of this publication holds a different female fisherman’s experience, the combination of pages defines a collective identity of Alaskan seafaring women. 

The book contains 118 pages, some of which we've shared below. It is organized into sections of Alaska's main fishing areas, and full of amazing content submitted by women around the state. Ocean Notes is not currently for sale, though we have dreams that someday we will start sending our customers semi-annual publications like these, full of interesting, beautiful, relatable content. Emma loves designing them and there are so many amazing people and stories still to celebrate. Thank you everyone who contributed something to this project, you are all such inspiring women. 

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  • I think your a creative writer😁and hustle and smart!

    Ronald on
  • Please oh please oh please publish more copies of this amazing book so we can purchase it!! What would it take? The layout is incredible, I just want to hold it in my hands and read it cover to cover! As an attendee of Fisherpoets and speaker at She Tells Sea Tales and owner of many Moe Bowstern Xtra Tuf zines (“free to commercial fisher women”), I can testify there’s a market for it! But you know that. :) I hope it becomes available to the general public someday soon! Thanks for all you do for the PNW fishing community!

    Kai on
  • Yes me too!! WHERE CAN I BUY THIS BOOK? I would love to have this book in my collection, I am a commercial fisherman my self and love to learn more about fellow women fisherpeople. :-) grettings from Chignik Lagoon.

    Linda Murphy on
  • Beautiful! You must share more work like this, please!! I’d love to see it up close and see those semi- annual publications if you get those going. A glimpse into the stories and life….amazing. Thank you!

    Kris on
  • The design of this book is gorgeous and its varied methods of storytelling make it look like a wonderful scrapbook of experiences out on the water. It inspires me to get out my old photos and fishing journal to create something similar because time on the water is like no other. Thanks for sharing your creation, the inspiration, and for the salmon poke recipe too, I’ve been wanting to make something along those lines for a while.

    Austin Love on

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