Happy Wild Alaska Salmon Day!

Alaska is about to celebrate our first annual Alaska Wild Salmon Day! We're all very excited to have a whole day dedicated to our love for the wild resource that sustains us. The bill, signed by Governor Walker in May, established August 10th as the official celebration day. Drafters of the bill encourage Alaskans of all ages to observe the day through educational and celebratory events, projects, and activities, so be on the lookout for events in your area. 


“Nearly all Alaskans are impacted by salmon in some way – whether through subsistence, recreational, or commercial fishing, or just sheer appreciation for Alaska’s abundant wildlife,” said Governor Walker. “HB 128 [Alaska Wild Salmon Day] is intended to celebrate these uniquely Alaskan ways of life, and share our appreciation for wild Alaskan salmon with the rest of the world.” 
Yeah! To celebrate our first Alaska Wild Salmon Day we are offering 20% off our Wild Salmon Day Sale hoodies, because salmon are the inspiration and namesake of our company and we owe a lot of good vibes to them. The sale is one day and one day only, and on our webshop only. We hope you find a moment on this holiday to think about how salmon are important in your life, to your family and your community, and when you wear your hoodies, we hope you wear them with pride and as stewards of an important and precious resource. 
We also wanted to share some photos we've been crushing on from our Salmon Sisters community. The salmon love is strong in the hearts of Alaskans.
Photo cred [from top left]:
1. Kiva McCarthy 2. Heather Gatti 3. Johanna Doner 
4. FV Oracle 5. Jacqui Shaffer 
6. FV Lucky Dove 7. Scott Dickerson 8. Frances Bursch
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