Salmon Sisters XTRATUFS: 2nd Edition

Salmon Sisters XTRATUFS: 2nd Edition

We've seen women from Bethel to Unalaska to Seattle wearing Salmon Sisters XTRATUFs this year. We love the way you have all integrated them into your daily life as a wardrobe staple – whether you're hiking, catching your first salmon of the season, dressing up for a night out on the town, working in your garden, or splashing around in puddles on a rainy day. We love the way you roll down your boots to show off red octopus and green fish. This collaboration has introduced us to a greater community of strong, tough, beautiful ocean-lovers and we're so thankful to all of you who purchased boots through our webshop, at our Flagship shop and at our holiday market. Your generosity has helped us donate thousands of cans of salmon to the Food Bank of Alaska through our Give Fish Project this year!

We're excited to show you what's next. Our original designs were so well received that we worked closely with XTRATUF again to produce a second edition of our boot collaboration; We created a more diverse selection geared towards getting you outside to do the things you love the most. The new lineup of women's, youth, and kids sizes in short and tall styles are releasing in late June that can be pre-ordered on our webshop.

For the first time, the boot bands take on new colors to match the boot's inner design. We were away fishing for the summer when we designed the new boots, and chose whales and jellyfish for our patterns, as they were a big part of our everyday landscape on the boat – and have been part of our stories since childhood. We are inspired by the whale's gentle strength and endurance to journey many miles with their families each season. Jellyfish are some of the most beautiful, bold, and sometimes dangerous creatures in the sea. We also made a pattern with herring – those beautiful lively shimmering little fish that are caught each April in Togiak, in a legendary fishery so important to Alaska's commercial fishing history. 

See the new Salmon Sisters XTRATUF styles and pre-order on our webshop. Boots will ship in late June. Folks who pre-order will receive a complimentary pair of limited edition Salmon Sisters socks when their order ships! We can't wait to see so many of you rocking these new styles this summer. Thanks for being our biggest supporters and salmon family. We are humbled by this opportunity, and we love seeing you wear our boots and hearing your stories. Our small business (yep, there's still only three of us on payroll!) is so thankful for you.

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  • I work at a floral shop in Forest Lake. Minnesota…. and noticed this girl wearing the 6” gray/peach boots. I am a shoe girl and have far too many, so it’s rare that I see one which makes me think “ Must. Have. That. Boot.” But, have I must. I asked her what brand they were and told her how dang cute she looked (entire outfit was perfection). She said Xtratuf. Ever since then, I’ve been mildly obsessing about getting a pair. However, as a single mama and not a fisherman, they aren’t a necessity. sigh That is, until my very kind friend had had enough listening to me talk about them…. so, for Christmas, guess what I’m ordering? Yup. You got it!
    Now, being that I wasn’t able to try on the 6” boots, but did put on the Octopus 15” ones, I switched it up and am ordering those.
    I loved laying in bed this morning reading your blog and hearing about your journey. Lovely company run by beautiful people. 🐙

    Lisa Berry on

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