Give Fish Project #1 Anniversary!

One year ago we started the Give Fish Project. Our intention was to find a way to give back to the Alaskan communities that have supported us since our beginnings and to inspire other local businesses to find unique ways to keep their homes vibrant. Since last July, for every product sold through our webshop, our local retailers, and the Fleet & Flagship, we have donated one can of Wild Alaska Salmon to the Food Bank of Alaska. Eating Wild Alaska Salmon makes us feel healthy, happy and strong – which is something we want to share with as many people as possible. With our one-to-one program we support both fishermen working to feed the world and those most in need of this delicious wild protein.

Today, we are celebrating the first anniversary of our Give Fish Project with a total of 46,000 cans of salmon already donated, 22,000 on their way to the food bank in September, and our next delivery scheduled for December! We are super proud of these numbers, and our favorite part of this accomplishment is that it is entirely customer-driven. Your individual contributions have helped start something incredibly impactful for the wellbeing of Alaskan communities. We could not feel more grateful. 

We are proud to be supporting independent fishermen with our Give Fish Project. Alaskan fishermen of all generations catch the pink salmon in the cans we donate. These fishermen are personally invested in the wellbeing of their coastal communities, as well as the health of the oceans and the fish stocks returning each year. Fishermen deliver their catch to tender boats, which carry the salmon to port, which is then processed by expert hands at Silver Bay Seafoods, the fish company that our family sells our fish to. Sustainability for fisheries is written into Alaska's constitution, promising lasting abundance for generations to come. We all must do our part to ensure that our shared oceans continue to thrive, so Salmon Sisters supports our state's responsible, hardworking fishermen, the sustainable harvest and cultural heritage of our industry, and the amazing, nutritious protein that the ocean provides us. We try to share this superfood with more people in need.

We are continuing to challenge ourselves to find more ways to give back to our community, support the health of the ocean and its wild creatures, and provide resources for young fishermen. Salmon Sisters is strengthened by the generosity of our customers, and inspired by the support that so many of you have shown us. We hope that you will join us in this challenge to continue to grow better not bigger, to give back to those who have given to us – not necessarily in money, but in wisdom, time, inspiration, or whatever currency we choose to use. Cheers to doing some good!

 To learn more about our Give Fish Project, take a look at our Philosophy page. 


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